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Welcome to Redacta
Redacta Limited are the UK and Ireland Distributors of Objective Onstream image management software Trapeze Desktop and RapidRedact redaction software, enabling organisations to securely remove non-disclosable information (redaction) from all electronic document types.

Trapeze Desktop:

Trapeze Desktop

Trapeze Desktop helps organisations easily manage scanned and electronic documents of any size.  With Trapeze Desktop you can work with multiple document formats.  Trapeze Desktop even works with, complex planning drawings, engineering documents and maps. You can use Trapeze as a multipage tiff and pdf viewer. 




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Rapid Redact redaction software can be used with any electronic document, such as Word, Excel, or PDF documents, as well as any scanned document or image (such as PDF, TIFF, GIF & JPEG) and emails (including attachments), and for redaction of credit card numbers.


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(020) 8974 7255



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Why is Trapeze Desktop Unique?



Trapeze Desktop enables you to work with documents as if they were in your hands. You can retrieve documents, browse through “bookmarks”, view, annotate documents, measure and redact, then print to original size or to scale. Trapeze enables you to:

  • View (navigation, pan, zoom, rotate etc)
  • Print whole documents, pages & areas
  • Annotations (handwriting, sticky notes, stamps, text, polygons, arrows, etc)
  • Views any annotations & bookmarks in the image
  • Drag & Drop images into MS Office documents
  • Interfaces with Doc Management Systems via ODMA
  • Supports all standard imaging formats, Acrobat PDF formats , Autocad formats (DWG & DXF), MS Office Document Imaging format (ODI)
  • Drag images to Trapeze Desktop Bookmark Folders;
  • Generate & edit Page Bookmarks and Bookmark Folders.
  • Cut & Paste OCR text directly into office documents
  • Measure Distances, Lengths, Perimeters 
  • Measure irregular Areas
  • Measure Angles
  • Calibrate & save Scale & Units of Measurement
  • Compare drawings with the Trapeze Desktop "light table"


3 Steps to Redaction
Why is RapidRedact Unique?


Even for small volumes of content, RapidRedact redaction software is a valuable tool in quickly removing sensitive information, and keeping your sensitive information private and confidential. In addition to being far more efficient than manual redaction, you are able to audit and track which changes have been made to redacted documents, and you can automatically stamp the documents with the relevant UK FOI exemption codes.

Benefits of RapidRedact:
  • Rapid Redact is appropriate for redacting any electronic document, including Word, Excel, or PDF documents, scanned documents or images (such as TIFF, GIF & JPEG) and emails (including attachments), whether open source or read-only. No need to convert to Adobe. 
  • Rapid Redact automatically redact lists of sensitive words and phrases, credit card numbers and IP addresses.
  • Rapid Redact can assign FOI and Data Protection Act exemption codes.
  • Rapid Redact is suitable as a stand-alone redaction tool, or on a server accessed by multiple users.
  • Use for secure document conversion (eg MS Word to pdf or tif), even where redaction is not required.
  • Rapid Redact can be integrated with any ODMA compliant document management system.
  • Demonstrable sustainability improvements for organisations endeavouring to be environmentally friendly.
  • Rapid Redact offers a transparent audit trail copy of the redacted document for future reference.
  • Rapid Redact guards against identity theft by securely redacting signatures, credit card numbers and addresses
  • Rapid Redact software removes hidden data from Word Processing formats (authors, revisions etc.)

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